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 Impressionist Painting Art

Impressionism is an art movement from the 19th century that started in Paris in the 1860s. The name was originally quoted from Claude Monet's painting, "Impression, Sunrise" ("Impression, Soleil Levant"). The critic Louis Leroy used this word as a satire in his article in Le Charivari.

The main characteristics of Impressionist painting are strong brush strokes, bright colors (in fact, many Impressionist painters forbid black because it is considered not part of the light), open composition, emphasis on lighting quality, and painting subjects that do not stand out too much, and angles. An unusual view The influence of Impressionism in the visual arts also extended to the fields of music and literature.


An Explanation of Impressionism Painting Art

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Impressionist artists were initially inspired by the theories of Eugene Delacroix, who began to feel dissatisfaction with the development of academic art at that time, which was too concentrated on the classical painting school. He argues that painting is not always formed by excessive processing of lines, as developed by the British over the years. On the other hand, calculating the color fields will produce a painting that is no less interesting.

However, Delacroix himself can be considered as failing to escape from the influence of academy painting standards because, after all, his own paintings still concentrate on ideal forms.

Then some painters radically violated academic rules in painting. This painting no longer concentrates on shape in detail by emphasizing contours, volumes, and lines. Also, leave the structural observation of an object's shape.

On the other hand, the atmosphere is obtained by capturing the impression (or impression) of light that is caught at a glance by the eye. As a result, the shape of the object becomes simpler, unlike in naturalism or realism painting.

At first, not only still life paintings and portraits were made indoors, but also landscapes. This then prompted impressionist artists to find that there is a different impression obtained if the painting is made in an open area by directly observing the object created.

They use strokes of short, broken, and at the same time pure (meaning not meant to be mixed in the palette) to give life to the painting. The emphasis of the painting then shifts to the overall impression rather than the details of a particular object.

Further development of impressionism was the discovery that more important than the technique of impressionism itself was the difference in point of view. Impressionism is actually the art of movement, pose, and composition through the play of light impressions that are poured into bright and varied colors.

People began to believe in the late nineteenth century that impressionism was a clear and honest view of life, despite the fact that it was not the artistically correct approach to creating works.


The peak of the Impressionist art movement in France occurred almost at the same time as in other countries, including Italy with the painter Macchiaioli and the United States with the painter Winslow Homer.

Impressionism became a pioneer in the development of other modern art schools, such as Post-Impressionism, Fauvism, and Cubism.


The characteristics of Impressionist painting are as follows:

- Short, thick brush strokes in a sketch-like style, make it easier for the painter to capture the essence of the subject rather than the details.

- Color is obtained with the least possible mixing of paint pigments. It is expected that the colors are mixed optically by the retina.

- Shadows are created by mixing complementary colors (black is not used as a shadow).

- Paint is not allowed to dry to be overwritten with the next color.

- Processing of paint transparency properties is avoided.

- Investigating as thoroughly as possible the nature of light reflection from an object, which will then be used in the painting

- worked outdoors (en Plein air).


Actually, this characteristic can almost be found in other schools, but only impressionism has this characteristic as a whole on purpose.

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