How to Make Posts on "" For Beginners

Hi, While I have just created a new blog, I want to make a post about How to Create a Blog on for Beginners. Some friends also want to be taught to create a blog. In my opinion, creating a new blog will be easier if you use a laptop. Well, now I will write the guide. Hope it can be useful.

1. First, we go to our blog dashboard, go to and select the blog where we will add a new entry or new post. Then click NEW POST.

2. Then create a new post in the space provided. My advice, first to make a draft of the writing in Microsoft Word or in Notepad, then you can copy-paste it in the column to write posts.

3. If we check on the right, there is a label ("Labels") that must be filled in according to the contents of the post. For example, if we wrote about "Italy vs England Match Prediction in the Euro 2020 Final", we could label it "Final, Euro 2020, Italy, England". We can write more than one original label separated by commas. The important thing is that the "Labels" connect with the content of the writing.

Then in the Schedule section ("Published on"), you can choose "Automatic", which means that when you save and publish the article, the date listed is on the spot. If you choose "set date and time", you can make a scheduled post (Custom).

4. In the "Link" option, I prefer "Custom Permanent" Links more often. Why? Because the post title and link are not appropriate (the post link is shorter than the post title).

My post is entitled "How to Convert PDF to JPG online. URL/link Sleep only ""

But by selecting Custom Permanent Link I can add words in the URL/link to ""

5. Writing on blogs without pictures looks less attractive. So, they must be given at least one image. When writing about a book, there must be a picture of the book. Writing about culinary, there must also be a picture of the food menu. Especially if you are writing about tourist attractions, you must also include pictures of the tourist destinations.

So please click "Insert image" then upload the image or photo that we want to add.

6. After uploading the image, choose which one to insert.

7. We can also set the image size: Small-Medium-Large-Extra Large-Original size. And then click "UPDATE"

9.  Finally, you can click Publish, our new post has become.

That's how to make a post on Blogspot ( for beginners. Wait for the next post about creating a blog on Blogspot. May be useful!

Thank you all for visiting my blog and wait for the next update. 😊

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