How to Convert PDF to Word online and offline

There are many ways to convert PDF to Word, both online and offline. More than that, we can also take advantage of the application to convert PDF to Word file formats very easily. One of the most frequently used ways to convert PDF documents to Word is by using Microsoft Word software. However, if, by chance, your laptop or cellphone does not have the program installed, You can use several other alternative methods in this post.

Many of us convert PDF to Word files for various purposes, usually due to the demands of the file format requirements. In addition, general problems such as not knowing how to edit PDF files and others. Hopefully, this tutorial on how to convert a PDF to Word can help those of you who are working on assignments for students or officers.

There are several methods for converting PDF to Word that you can use with both online and offline applications. As for converting PDF to Word, there are two versions, either paid or free. Usually, premium services have their own advantages over free or free ones.

How to Convert PDF to Word Online.

You can now learn how to convert PDF to Word without an application. This convenience is because there are lots of online file service sites. So, if you have an Android or an iPhone, you can use it because it is available online and does not require the installation of an app.

1. iLovePDF

Using the iLovePDF online site, you can convert a PDF to a word document that you can then apply to the next one. The simple interface makes it easier for you to convert PDF files to Word.

How to Convert PDF to Word on iLovePDF

1. Please open the official website at

2. Select the "PDF to Word" box to start converting the PDF file.

3. Click the "Select PDF file" button.

4. and select the PDF file in your folder then click "Open" in bottom.

5. If you have finished uploading the PDF file, you can convert the PDF file to Word by pressing the "Convert to Word" button.

6. Finish the conversion process. Now you can start downloading it by pressing the "Download WORD" button.

On the iLovePDF site, you can also merge PDF files into one file, split PDF files, and more.

It's so easy to convert PDF to Word files without an application through this online service site. 😊👍

How to Convert PDF to Word Offline

For those of you who often convert PDF to Word, it would be better if you installed PDF to Word converter software on your laptop. This is because we do not always have to be connected to the network to run it.

Microsoft Word is one of the software that is widely used by our society for the purposes of students or officers. In addition, we can also use Microsoft Word as an application to convert PDF files to Word quickly and easily. How to Convert PDF to Word in Microsoft Word  (offline) use Microsoft Word application.

1. Double click the Microsoft Word icon to start running the program.

2. Open the pdf file in Microsoft Word.

3. Next, a notification message appears, then you can select "OK".

4. After that, select "Save As" and use the .doc or .docx format to convert it into a Microsoft Word file, and now you can edit your file in the form of a Microsoft Word file.


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