How to Set Page Margins in Microsoft Word

How to Set Page Margins in Microsoft Word Is Not Difficult.

Knowing how to set page margins in Microsoft Word is very useful for creating various types of documents. Today, a lot of work can be done using Word. In addition to documents containing standard writing, Word can also help you create documents in the form of letters or business documents. Not only that, but Word can also help you with creating academic documents, such as papers, theses, and scientific journals. Usually, for documents of this type, there are often certain conditions that are set. In this article, Glints will explain to you how to set margins in Microsoft Word. Come on, take a look!

How to Set Margins in Word

As explained above, margins are the distance between the edges of a page in Word. For the manufacture of academic documents, there are usually certain conditions set for this margin. Well, how to set margins in Microsoft Word is actually quite easy. This method is excerpted from the Microsoft support page.

1. The first step, look for the "Page Layout" or "Layout" menu.

2. After that, look for the "Margins" menu. Word will immediately take you to the margin settings menu.

In that menu, there will be a column containing the numbers. That column determines what margin size you want in the four corners of the page: top, bottom, right, and left.

3. If you want to do a custom margin, you just enter the number you want.

For example, you want the top and left sides to have a margin of 4, while the bottom and right sides have a margin of 3. You just enter the appropriate number in the column provided.

4. In addition, in this Margin menu, there is already a margin size that is set according to the paper size commonly used, such as A4, A5, or the like. To be able to access it, you can open the 'Paper Size' menu. In that menu, you can immediately choose the paper size you want. For example, if you want to use A4 paper size, you just have to look for the A4 option, and the margins on the page will immediately adjust to the paper.

That's a simple way to set page margins in Word. However, there are also other ways of setting margins, which, of course, are adjusted to the needs of the document you are creating.

This is information about how to set margins in Microsoft Word files or documents. If you have more complete information regarding the settings page in Microsoft Word files or documents, you can also share them in the comments column below. Hopefully, this article about setting page margins in Microsoft Word files or documents can benefit friends who read it completely.

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