How to Lock Microsoft Word So It Can't Be Opened

Locking a Microsoft Word file or document has a function to protect the document or file so that it can not be accessed by everyone. The goal is clear so that the contents of this document or file can be maintained so that only certain people can access it. Usually, important and confidential documents or files need to be properly guarded so that they can not be seen or read by other people who might misuse them. Microsoft Word has a feature to lock this document with a password that no one else can access, except those who have the password.

This article will give you a short way to lock a Microsoft Word document or file. For more details, friends can follow the following method. 😊

1. Open a Microsoft word document. The first thing you have to do is open a new document and create its contents. However, if you already have a document that will be locked, then you just need to open the Microsoft Word document.

2. If the document is already open, then you can click the file menu as shown in the picture. If you click the file "Menu", you will see many sub-menus.

In the next step, you can click the "info" in the sub-menu to bring up various document locking features.

3. If the "info" in the sub-menu has been opened, then you can choose the "protect document" feature as shown in the picture.

Then several document protection options will appear. You can choose the "encrypt with password" option. If the password has been filled in, then next click OK to proceed to the next dialog box.

4. After the encrypt with password option appears, a dialog box will appear containing that you are asked to enter the desired password.

After the second dialog box appears, you are asked to confirm your password by re-entering the password that you created in the first dialog box.

5. If it is successful, it will appear "A password is required to open this document".

6. Save the document. If the document has been passworded, then you can save the document before closing the Microsoft Word file or document.

7. Open the document to make sure it's locked. To ensure that the document has been locked properly, you can open the document or Microsoft Word file. If it's really locked and can't be opened, then the process that you have done is correct.

This is information about how to lock a Microsoft Word file or document so that it can not be opened. If you have more complete information regarding locking Microsoft Word files or documents, you can also share them in the comments column below. Hopefully, this article about locking Microsoft Word files or documents can provide benefits for friends who read it completely.

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