How to Burn CD, VCD, and DVD or Burn Files to CD

Burning is a duplicating process or the process of copying files onto a CD, VCD, or DVD. By moving the raw file into cs, of course, the file can be safer and easier to use. For example, there is software that you have, and your friends also want to have it. You can create a new CD file without having to give the CD file to your friends. You can create a new CD file by burning the CD, VCD, or VCD files onto more. That is called burning or burning a CD. 

Well, if you already know what burning a CD is, of course, you want to know how to burn a file to a CD. In terms of burning a cd, of course, you need some materials that you will burn, starting from the raw file material to be copied to CD, a blank DVD, and CD-RW as a tool for burning a CD. CD burning process.

To start the CD burning process, you need software that will help you burn a CD under the name "Nero software". Now we enter the stage or process of how to burn a CD using Nero.

1. Download Nero software to burn your CD.

2. If you have downloaded the Nero software directly, open the Nero software you have installed.

3. Then insert a blank CD into the CD-RW, then open the Nero software.

4. how to click the start-all program-Nero.

5. Then on the Data tab, click "Make data Disk".

6. Continue to Click the "Add" tab.

7. Select the file you want to copy to the CD, and click "Add" if the file you want to copy is sufficient.

8. If you have finished selecting the files to be copied to the CD, then click the "finished" button and continue by selecting "Next".

9. Finally, click the "Burn" button to begin the process of copying files onto the CD. Wait until the CD, DVD, or VCD burning process is completed.

That's how to burn files to a CD using Nero software. By copying this file, your CD file will increase to multiply. In addition to burning a CD using Nero. You can also burn a CD without using the Nero software, which means the burning is done manually. Here's how to burn a CD if you don't want to use Nero.

1. Put your blank VCD, DVD, or CD into the CD-RW Drive.

2. Copy all the files to be moved to the CD by pressing "(CTRL + A + C)" then paste them onto your CD.

3. Next, right-click on the CD-RW drive. continue by clicking "Burn to disc".

4. Then your CD burning process will run and wait for this process to finish.

That's an easy way to burn a CD file that you might multiply. How to burn a CD is not long and not difficult. Just by doing a few steps, your CD file will be copied to a CD that has been burned. Hopefully, what the admin has written is useful, of course, for those of you who don't know how to burn a CD file, or how to burn a CD. When you were in school, if you chose the IT major, it is almost certain that you will find a way to burn a CD or burn this CD. Hopefully, it will add to your insight about how to burn this CD. 

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