5 Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

Windows is the most frequently used operating system on computers or laptops, apart from macOS and Linux. Here are 5 tips and tricks for Windows 10 users:

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

1. How to take screenshots

The first Windows 10 tips and tricks are screenshots. Windows 10 users must already know how to take screenshots. Most people take screenshots with the PrintScreen button and then paste them into the paint. But there is another way, namely, using the snipping tool:

Press the Windows key, then look for the snipping tool.

After that, a snipping tool will appear, which you should use.

To take a new screenshot using the mode used last time, select New.

To select the desired type of snip, select Mode, then select a capture mode.

4 modes can be used, namely: FreeForm Snip (free form as desired), Rectangular Snip (square screenshot), Windows Snip (screenshot in the area of the windows), Fullscreen Snip (screenshot of the entire screen).

Press the Save or Copy button to save or copy to the clipboard.

2. Checking Software Space Size

Each software has a variety of sizes, ranging from hundreds of MB to tens of GB. Currently, the latest games have a fairly large size on average. One game that has a large storage size is Red Dead Redemption 2. It has a size of up to 150GB. However, do you know how to check software size on windows 10? Here's how to check it:

Hover over the windows icon.

After that, look for the Settings button.

If it appears, click on the System.

Finally, select applications and games to see a list of installed software and their sizes.

3. Unlock the Secret Start Menu

In Windows 10, there is a less-known start menu to access important features more easily. For example Control Panel, Command Prompt, and Task Manager. You can open it by pressing the Windows key + x on the keyboard.

4. Stopping Background Software

It is useful for stopping background software and saving battery life. If your computer or laptop software stops operating, you can use this trick to force it to stop. Here's how:

Click the Windows button, then click Settings.

If so, click Privacy.

Click Background Apps.

After that, a menu of software running in the background will appear.

To stop running software, right-click and select End task.

5. Virtual Background Shortcut

Window + Ctrl + Right Arrow: Moves the desktop to the right.

Window + Ctrl + Right Arrow: Moves the desktop to the left.

Window + Ctrl + D: Adds a new desktop.

Window + Ctrl + F4: Closes the desktop.

Window + TAB: Opens the Task View menu.

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How to Change Rename, Color, and Font in Excel Tables

If you already have a table or have succeeded in creating a table in Microsoft Excel, then on this page, you will learn how to edit the table in Microsoft Excel. You can change the appearance of the table in Microsoft Excel by renaming it, selecting colors at columns and rows, and changing the font size of the letters. For more information, please read the short tutorial below. let's get started ...... :)

 How to Rename a Table in Microsoft Excel

1. You just click on the table area of Microsoft Excel. Then we will automatically be taken to the Design menu tab.

2. Right in the Properties section, in the Table Name column: You rename the table according to the contents of the table.

Basic Knowladges 1-20621

It is very easy not to rename the table in Microsoft Excel.

Now, for another alternative, you can use another method by opening at Formulas menu tab and then opening at Define Name dropdown menu.

Basic Knowladges 2-20621

Basic Knowladges 3-20621

After that, in the Name section, rename the Excel table as you wish. In-Scope section, select the workbook and then click OK.


How to Change Table Font Size in Microsoft Excel

1. You select the text or text that you want to increase or decrease the font size.

2. Here I am trying to change the font size of the table header. You go to the Home menu tab, then select Font and scroll down to select the desired font size (20).

3. If you want to make the letters bold, you can select the Bold icon (B) and for italics, you can use Italic (I) and Underscore (U) for underlined text.


How to Color an Excel Table in Microsoft Excel

1. After you finish creating the table, you select which column or row you want to add or change the color.

2. Then you open the dropdown menu and use a paint bucket to fill in the color icon.

3. Then we will automatically be faced with many color choices, such as yellow, red, green, blue, orange, and others. Here, I chose Green as the table header background color.

4. As a result, the table's background color is not as white as it used to be.

You can also change the color of the letters on the table by opening the Font Color dropdown menu.

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How to Change Background / Wallpaper Powerpoint 2013

    Changing the PowerPoint background or wallpaper is one way to make PowerPoint slides interesting. This is because making a presentation that you are doing is said to be successful. One of the supporting factors is an interesting PowerPoint slide. It can also be triggered by the background display or a PowerPoint wallpaper. An attractive background or wallpaper is very important for supporting a presentation. If your slides are ordinary, then the audience might not pay attention. Moreover, what is presented is data in the form of numbers, so this will be very tedious. So, this interesting PowerPoint background or wallpaper can help if you have difficulty getting the attention of the audience. Basically, Microsoft PowerPoint has a plethora of wallpapers, backgrounds, and appealing designs to choose from. But it can be tedious too, as it has been used by many people. So you can change it by setting up your own wallpaper or background.
    Here's how to change the PowerPoint wallpaper. It is easy and fast. In this example, I use Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, but for other versions of PowerPoint, I think it's almost the same. So, hopefully, the differences between these versions aren't too perplexing.
  • Open the PowerPoint file that you want to change the wallpaper or background.
Home PowerPoint Indrawan

  • In Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, take a look at the menu options at the top. Then select the design menu.

  • If you haven't used a PowerPoint theme/template, then you can choose one of the available theme/template designs. If you already have a theme/template, you can skip the next three steps.
  • In the design menu, the far-right position is the "FORMAT BACKGROUND" sub-menu. Now, select this sub-menu to change the wallpaper or PowerPoint slide background.

Format Background Indrawan

  • There are 5 options, namely solid fill, gradient fill, picture or texture fill, pattern fill, and hiding the background graphics.
  1. The solid fill is used to change the color of the background. There are many color choices that friends can use.
  2. The gradient fill is used to change the color of the background. Here you can do color gradations, for example, a combination of blue and white, and so on. There are several color gradation positions that can be used.
  3. Picture or texture fill. This function is to replace the background or wallpaper with an image. Friends, all you have to do is prepare your own photos on your computer and upload them to PowerPoint; later, the background or wallpaper will be transformed into photos/images of your friends. Not only that, in this menu, Microsoft PowerPoint also provides a choice of images. For example, images of water motifs, stone motifs, wood, and so on. So it's more helpful for friends who have trouble finding good pictures.
  4. The pattern fill function is used to change the theme of the PowerPoint background or wallpaper. For example, the motif of dots, small squares, and so on.
  5. And the last thing is hiding the background graphic, which serves to remove or hide the wallpaper or PowerPoint background. As a result, it later appeared as a plain white thing.
  • If you want to use 1 background for all slides, at the bottom of the background format sub menu there is an option to apply to all. However, if you want each slide to have a different background or wallpaper, you have to change the background one by one, and this is very inefficient (wasting time).
  • Don't forget to save it. Sometimes, many people forget to save their work, so what is done in Microsoft Office is lost and they have to start over from scratch.

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4 Tricks Remove Chromium and How to Avoid It

Who has experienced it? Suddenly, a Chromium appears on your computer or laptop. Even though you never feel like installing it,

Delete it right now! Because there is malware or viruses in it. Here are the steps for removing chromium:

How to Remove Chromium

1. Show Chromium Folders.

Open the file explorer and select the "View" tab.

Select "Options" and select the "View" tab.

If so, in the "Advanced Settings" section, under the words "Hidden files and folders", select "Show hidden files, folders, and drives".

Then, to exit "Folder Options" click Apply and OK.

Although it looks complicated, this method will work to remove the chromium completely.

2. Delete the Folder Manually.

After displaying the folder, open the File Explorer and select the C driver:

Click Users and select the folder with the name of your PC.

If so, a folder with a vague icon named "Appdata" will appear.

Click that folder and then select the "local" folder.

Inside is the Chromium folder.

Right-click the folder, then select "Delete".

3. Delete Via Apps and Features

Open the file explorer.

Then click "This PC".

Click the "Computer" tab, then select "Uninstall or change a program"

Search for chromium, then delete it.

4. Stop-Process in Task Manager

Open the task manager, then click the "Processes" tab.

Select the running application named Chromium.

Right-click, then select End Task to close it.

Once done, try deleting Chromium again.

This method is not very effective. Because after restarting or shutting down, this program will reappear.

How to prevent the appearance of chromium?

There is no best way to avoid chromium. Chromium is usually only installed if approved. Well, in this case, chromium generally sneaks through pirated applications on the sidelines of the install process. Therefore, you need to be careful when installing pirated applications or games.

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How to Make Animations More Interesting in PowerPoint

To deliver the message to the right target, you need to create a very attractive presentation file.

Making presentations more interesting can be done by embedding animations in the files you are presenting. Here's how to easily create animations in PowerPoint to make your presentations more interesting and less boring.

The important thing about the presentation is that the message can be conveyed properly and on target. In general, presentation is not just about the message being conveyed. The process of delivering the message then needs to be considered.

To deliver the message to the right target, you need to create a presentation file that is very attractive so that it can then steal the attention of the audience. One way to make an attractive presentation is to design an unusual PowerPoint file.

One way to make this PowerPoint file unusual is to add animations, photo files, or embed colors that steal the audience's attention.

Keep in mind, when creating a presentation file, it is important to think about the audience so that the audience is not bored or dizzy with the rows of information conveyed.

Here's how to easily and practically create animations in PowerPoint to make your presentations more interesting. Before the presentation, don't forget to try each step below.

First, to embed an animation in your presentation file, you need to select the desired slides. The next thing is to select the object or text to embed in the animation.

The next step is to select the 'Animations' menu. On this menu, there will be many options regarding the animation style that can be used.

You can add this animation to the appearance of the slide, the slide that appears to stay until the current slide disappears. Rather, it is quite different, as there are numerous animations that can be included in the presentation file that is displayed.

Furthermore, Microsoft PowerPoint also allows you to set the animation time range, the direction of the animation on the slide, and the speed of the animation on the slide that is displayed.

If you have selected all the animations according to your taste and desire, then a row of animations will appear in the bar on the right side of the Microsoft PowerPoint display that you are currently opening.

That was how to create animations in PowerPoint that you can try to make presentation files more interesting than usual. In order for your presentation to go well, don't forget to do a number of things above.

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Creating Stylish Excel Tables

Change the appearance of the table style to be cooler and more stylish with the combination of the Format As Table feature and the Borders feature for a more professional blend of table styles, especially for those of you who want to present in public.

  1. As before, we first select the data we want to enter into the table.
  2. After that, you open the Format As Table dropdown menu, then select a style or table style according to your taste. Here, I choose Gold, Table Style Medium 12.
    Image 1

  3. On the Format As Table pop-up menu, check the My table has headers option. This option instructs Excel to create a header based on the format of our data, so the result is not a column 1,2,3, and so on.
  4. Don't forget to click OK to confirm it.

  5. To make the table better, we need to edit or edit it. Please select all of them and open the Bottom Borders dropdown menu, then select More Borders.

  6. On the Format Cells pop-up menu, go to the Border tab, then select the type of line, such as dashed, solid, double, and others.

  7. If you have entered the Presets section, click on the two boxes, namely Outline and Inside, so that all the lines on the table can change their style.
  8. Confirm the setting by pressing the OK button.

  9. The result is very satisfying. The Excel table looks neater and easier to read because there is a filter function. 👍

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How to Make a Colored Table in Excel Automatically

        Tables are often used to group important data, for example, for a recap of sales of goods at the end of the month. The table format, which only consists of rows and columns, of course, makes it easier for us to read a report. In this regard, this page will share tips on how to easily create tables in Microsoft Excel and is very suitable for beginners or those who are new to this Microsoft data processing program. Well, create a table in Excel to make it neat and look more professional. You can give color to the Excel table, especially in the header or table head. More than that, in making tables in Microsoft Excel, the problem of choosing a style must also be considered by adjusting to the existing document format.

        Apart from that, editing a table in Excel is also very practical. You can simply thicken the line or table border as you wish. Well, to maximize the creation of a table on a Microsoft Excel worksheet, it is a good idea to do it on a laptop or computer. As a result, the android phone is not ideal, and the interface is too small. Let's get right to it and show you how to make a table in Excel with Windows users.

Steps to Create a Table in Microsoft Excel

        A few tips to quickly start the process of creating a table in Excel, especially if you need it in large quantities, are by copying the Excel table. Without having to start from scratch, you just need to move the data into the Excel table.

Creating Plain Excel Tables

our first tutorial will try to create a table that is commonly used by many Microsoft Excel users, namely by bolding the lines on the table. The method is very simple and easy to follow, especially for those of you who are new to this data processing application.

1. Open the Microsoft Excel worksheet on your computer or laptop.
2. Enter all the required data when you are finished. Please select all of them with the cursor or press the Ctrl+A  keys on the keyboard.


3. Enter the Font category, then open the Bottom Border dropdown menu, then select All Borders to create a line on the table.
4. Well, next to set the table title or header. You can select it using the cursor, then you select Merge & Center to unite rows and columns into one cell.


5. The next step is to thicken the table lines to have a neat and attractive appearance. You open the Bottom Borders dropdown menu and select the More Borders option.


6. Well, after the Format Cells appear, you go to the Border menu tab. In the Line Style section, select the thickest line. If you want to make it more formal, from the Presets section, you can choose Inside and Outline
7. Then all the lines inside and outside the table will be bolded. You can check them in the sample border-box below.


8. Finally, when you have finished setting the line thickness on the table, You click OK to save it.


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