How to Change Rename, Color, and Font in Excel Tables

If you already have a table or have succeeded in creating a table in Microsoft Excel, then on this page, you will learn how to edit the table in Microsoft Excel. You can change the appearance of the table in Microsoft Excel by renaming it, selecting colors at columns and rows, and changing the font size of the letters. For more information, please read the short tutorial below. let's get started ...... :)

 How to Rename a Table in Microsoft Excel

1. You just click on the table area of Microsoft Excel. Then we will automatically be taken to the Design menu tab.

2. Right in the Properties section, in the Table Name column: You rename the table according to the contents of the table.

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It is very easy not to rename the table in Microsoft Excel.

Now, for another alternative, you can use another method by opening at Formulas menu tab and then opening at Define Name dropdown menu.

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After that, in the Name section, rename the Excel table as you wish. In-Scope section, select the workbook and then click OK.


How to Change Table Font Size in Microsoft Excel

1. You select the text or text that you want to increase or decrease the font size.

2. Here I am trying to change the font size of the table header. You go to the Home menu tab, then select Font and scroll down to select the desired font size (20).

3. If you want to make the letters bold, you can select the Bold icon (B) and for italics, you can use Italic (I) and Underscore (U) for underlined text.


How to Color an Excel Table in Microsoft Excel

1. After you finish creating the table, you select which column or row you want to add or change the color.

2. Then you open the dropdown menu and use a paint bucket to fill in the color icon.

3. Then we will automatically be faced with many color choices, such as yellow, red, green, blue, orange, and others. Here, I chose Green as the table header background color.

4. As a result, the table's background color is not as white as it used to be.

You can also change the color of the letters on the table by opening the Font Color dropdown menu.

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