4 Tricks Remove Chromium and How to Avoid It

Who has experienced it? Suddenly, a Chromium appears on your computer or laptop. Even though you never feel like installing it,

Delete it right now! Because there is malware or viruses in it. Here are the steps for removing chromium:

How to Remove Chromium

1. Show Chromium Folders.

Open the file explorer and select the "View" tab.

Select "Options" and select the "View" tab.

If so, in the "Advanced Settings" section, under the words "Hidden files and folders", select "Show hidden files, folders, and drives".

Then, to exit "Folder Options" click Apply and OK.

Although it looks complicated, this method will work to remove the chromium completely.

2. Delete the Folder Manually.

After displaying the folder, open the File Explorer and select the C driver:

Click Users and select the folder with the name of your PC.

If so, a folder with a vague icon named "Appdata" will appear.

Click that folder and then select the "local" folder.

Inside is the Chromium folder.

Right-click the folder, then select "Delete".

3. Delete Via Apps and Features

Open the file explorer.

Then click "This PC".

Click the "Computer" tab, then select "Uninstall or change a program"

Search for chromium, then delete it.

4. Stop-Process in Task Manager

Open the task manager, then click the "Processes" tab.

Select the running application named Chromium.

Right-click, then select End Task to close it.

Once done, try deleting Chromium again.

This method is not very effective. Because after restarting or shutting down, this program will reappear.

How to prevent the appearance of chromium?

There is no best way to avoid chromium. Chromium is usually only installed if approved. Well, in this case, chromium generally sneaks through pirated applications on the sidelines of the install process. Therefore, you need to be careful when installing pirated applications or games.

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