Creating Stylish Excel Tables

Change the appearance of the table style to be cooler and more stylish with the combination of the Format As Table feature and the Borders feature for a more professional blend of table styles, especially for those of you who want to present in public.

  1. As before, we first select the data we want to enter into the table.
  2. After that, you open the Format As Table dropdown menu, then select a style or table style according to your taste. Here, I choose Gold, Table Style Medium 12.
    Image 1

  3. On the Format As Table pop-up menu, check the My table has headers option. This option instructs Excel to create a header based on the format of our data, so the result is not a column 1,2,3, and so on.
  4. Don't forget to click OK to confirm it.

  5. To make the table better, we need to edit or edit it. Please select all of them and open the Bottom Borders dropdown menu, then select More Borders.

  6. On the Format Cells pop-up menu, go to the Border tab, then select the type of line, such as dashed, solid, double, and others.

  7. If you have entered the Presets section, click on the two boxes, namely Outline and Inside, so that all the lines on the table can change their style.
  8. Confirm the setting by pressing the OK button.

  9. The result is very satisfying. The Excel table looks neater and easier to read because there is a filter function. 👍

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