Get to Know Some Function Icons in Microsoft Word

Get to know some function icons in Microsoft Word

Before using a word processing engine (Microsoft Word), it would be better to know in advance the function or position of the icon in Microsoft Word. If you already know, it will be easier to find the icon that will be needed as needed. To create a working page with Microsoft Word, first, arrange the sections in it. This is what Microsoft Word 2007 looks like.

Pay attention to this picture. Some I give a sign with a red line:

  1. Toolbar for formatting the created document or commonly called the formatting toolbar. The toolbar is for formatting words into bold italics and many others, including setting paragraphs.
  2. Menu bar. In the menu line, there are many other functions, such as organizing pages, inserting images, creating tables, and others.
  3. Document title line, because this image is displayed before saving, the title is Document 1. If it has been saved, the title display will match the title of the saved file.
  4. Toolbar for formatting documents. From here you can see the page size.
  5. Window size button (Control windows) This button is used to view the page window to be smaller (Minimize) or fully displayed (Maximize) and Close to close the window.
  6. Page display button. From this button, you can see what page position, and how many words have been written.
  7. Display options, by clicking on the button you will see a different view (Normal, Web, Print, Read, Outline).
  8. Zoom in and out of the page view.

This is a little introductory information about some of the icons on a Microsoft Word file or document page. If you have more detailed information about the icons on the Microsoft Word file or document page, you can also share them in the comments section below. Hopefully, this introductory article about some of the icons on a Microsoft Word file or document page can be useful for friends who read it in full.

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