Romantic Painting Art - Practicalintroduction Rainbow

Romantic Painting Art - Practicalintroduction Rainbow

Romanticism is a rebellion against the Neo-Classical flow, where Jean Jacques Rousseau invites us back to nature, as humans who not only have thoughts but also feelings and emotions.

Romantic paintings tend to show:

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Things that deal with one's feelings (strongly opposed in Neo-Classical schools) are Exotic, longing for the past, used for the feelings of the audience. Beauty and good looks are always described.


The characteristic features of Romantic painting art are as follows:


- Paintings contain powerful and emotional stories.

- It has a lot of movement and dynamics.

- The colors are contrasting and festive.

- dynamic composition settings.

- It contains bitterness and touching feelings.

- Awesomeness exceeds reality.


 The characters of Romantic painting include:

  1. Eugene Delacroix
  2. Theodore Gericault
  3. Jean Baptiste
  4. Jean Francois Millet

The figure who was truly rebellious and who first planted the banner of romanticism was Teodore Gericault (1791–1824) with his work entitled "RAKIT MENDUSA". Romanticism comes from the French "Roman" (story), so this genre always describes a story about a great deed or a terrible tragedy.

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