Difference Among Painting Styles in Expressionism, Dadaism, Futurism Painting Art

 Painting Styles in Expressionism Art



Painting Styles in Expressionism is a school that prioritizes free inner outpouring. Painting Styles in Expressionism is one example of pure art that prioritizes aesthetic value over practical value. In general, Painting Styles in Expressionism is a picture or expression of the painter. Free in exploring objects that arise from the inner world, imagination, and feelings. The objects depicted include horror, violence, poverty, sadness, and other desires behind human behavior in Painting Styles in Expressionism Art.


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Pioneers of Painting Styles in Expressionism Art : Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gaugiuin, Ernast Ludwig, Karl Schmidt, Emile Nolde, J.J. Kandinsky, and Paul Klee. 


Painting Styles in Dadaism Art


Painting Styles in Dadaism was born because of the outbreak of World War I. Painting Styles in Dadaism nature is said to be anti-art, anti-feeling, and tends to reflect rudeness and violence.

His works are strange, such as copying a Painting Styles of Monalisa and giving it a mustache, giving a title to the urinal, and putting it on display. Collage methods Painting Styles are also used, such as wood and scraps of used goods.

Figures of Painting Styles in Dadaism

The characters of Painting Styles in Dadaism genre: Juan Gross, Max Ernst, Hans Arp, Marcel Duchamp, and Picabia.

Painting Styles in Futurism Art


Painting Styles in Futurism Art is a genre painting Styles that was born in 1909. This school emphasizes the beauty of motion and Painting Styles is seen as a break from the Cubist school, which Painting Styles is considered static in composition, line, and coloring.

Painting Styles in Futurism is so devoted to motion that in painting Styles , dogs are depicted with more than four legs.

Figure Flow of Painting Styles in Futurism

Characters of this genre Painting Styles : Umberto, Boccioni, Carlo Cara, Severini, Gioccomo Ballad, and Ruigi Russalo.

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