How to Set The Appearance of The Mobile Version of The Blog to be Mobile Friendly

Each blog template has its own HTML or coding code that you can change or edit according to your taste, but remember. To edit the appearance of the blog or the appearance of the blogger template so that it is SEO friendly, you must know how to edit the mobile version of the template, so that when people open your blog or access your blog using mobile or cellular, it looks like the desktop version, but using mobile. Everyone has a smartphone that is used to access the internet, thus increasing the number of blog views or the number of accesses to your website or blogger. 

On this page, we will discuss how to set the mobile version of the blog display to make it mobile-friendly. There are several ways that you can do so that the appearance of your blog appears in the mobile version. This method is very powerful for increasing the number of visits to your blog or for getting unique and many blog visitors. Let's go straight to the topic of discussion on how to change the appearance of the blog to the mobile version, or how to set up the desktop version of the blog using the mobile version. 

1. First, please "login" to your blog using the email account and password that you have created. 

2. Change the language to the language of your country to make it easier to operate the mobile-friendly template display. 

3. Then you select "Theme" as shown below.


4. After you select the theme, it will appear to the right of "custom (Modified)". Then click CUSTOMIZE

5. Then the next column will appear where you select "Mobile Settings".

6. Next, the Mobile Theme (Mobile Friendly) column will appear and choose "Mobile". If so, click SAVE.


7. If you want to display the mobile version of the blog, or when the blog page is accessed using a smartphone, but the page display is the same as using a desktop. Then you select "desktop", as shown below. Then the appearance of the blog will be in accordance with what you want.


8. The admin blog uses the "desktop" option. Please try to access the admin blog using a smartphone to find out the results of the "desktop" option. 

Well, that's how to change the appearance of the mobile version of the blog or the desktop version by using the two options above. Hopefully, this article can help you. 

Thank you all for visiting my blog and wait for the next update. 😊

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