How to Remove Red Lines in Microsoft Word 2010 and Microsoft Word 2013

For those of you who often actively open Microsoft Word worksheets, of course, you know how it feels when typing, and then colorful wavy lines, such as red, blue, etc., appear under the text. So the text becomes difficult to read. As a result, we have to delete or remove the red line first so that the document is more readable.

As for how to remove the red line, it's very easy. This is because the red line under the text comes from the default settings of the Microsoft Word program, which apply to all versions starting from 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016.

This setting makes it easier for users to check the spelling of each word, whether it is correct or not. If it is true, then the red line will not appear and vice versa, if it is false, it will appear automatically. Unfortunately, the default language in Microsoft Word is English (US), so if we type using a different language with the settings, we will find a lot of wavy red lines in your document because we assume that the writing we type is wrong because it is not from English (the language that has been set).

Unlike the green line in Microsoft Word, the green line under this article appears because the grammar or grammar that you typed in the worksheet is wrong according to the grammatical arrangement. Its function is more or less the same as the blue line in Microsoft Word.

After reading the brief explanation above, it means that you already know the cause of the wavy red line suddenly appearing under the writing in Microsoft Word.

Next, we will try to remove red and green lines in Microsoft Word very easily and quickly, as summarized in the post below.

How to Remove Red Lines in Word

The Check Spelling and Grammar features in Microsoft Word are actually very helpful when writing documents. His ability to automatically check his wrong spelling in Microsoft Word is clearly very useful in minimizing errors when typing in Microsoft Word. However, for those of you who want to remove the red line underwriting in Microsoft Word, here is the review.

In this tutorial, I am using Microsoft Word 2010 and 2013. Steps to Remove Red Lines in Microsoft Word 2010 and 2013.

Please open the Microsoft Word application on your computer or laptop.

1. Next, you can press the "Office Button" located in the upper left corner.
2. After that, you can open the settings menu by clicking "Word Options".

3. Next, on the "Word Options" pop-up menu, you go to the "Proofing" tab to start opening its submenu.
4. In the "When correcting spelling and grammar in Word" section, select "uncheck" in the following section.

  • Check your spelling as you type.
  • Mark grammar errors as you type

After unchecking that section, the red line in Word will no longer appear automatically.

6. If everything is finished, you can save it by clicking the OK button.


Steps to Remove Red Lines in Microsoft Word 2013

1. Please open the Microsoft Word software on your PC or computer.

2. Then you go to the File menu tab to open the settings in Microsoft Word.

3. After that, you go to the Options menu to select advanced options.

4. In the Word Options section, open the Proofing menu, after which you search for the When correcting spelling and grammar in the Word category.

If you have found it, uncheck this option.

  • Check to spell as you type
  • Mark grammar errors as you type

5. After unchecking the two options above, you can now save them by clicking the OK button.

How easy is it? Actually, all versions are more or less the same, maybe only different in the layout of the menu.

Thank you all for visiting my blog and wait for the next update. 😊

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