Tips and How to Solve the Problem of Computer Restart Frequently

Tips and ways to deal with computer problems that often restart frequently. Various reasons cause the computer to restart frequently. Starting from being caused by RAM that does not fit during installation, computer cable cables that are not installed tightly, as well as the result of a lot of dust and dirt in computer equipment that causes damage to the system and computer equipment. Therefore, special care is needed on the computer so that there are no problems with the computer, which often restarts frequently. Of the many complaints about computer problems that often restart frequently, it turns out that most of the damage occurs to the computer hardware system, for example, damage to the processor, VGA, ram, hard disk, and other types of damage. 

The computer restart frequently due to overheating of the processor

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The processor is the brain of a computer unit. If the computer brain is certain that the computer you are using will experience problems and disturbances, If the Processor receives a workload that exceeds its usual capacity, of course, Processor will overheat, or what is commonly referred to as Processor overheating. To overcome and find out if the processor overheats, you can follow the following guide. 

1. Please check your computer's processor temperature with the computer hardware menu or monitor in the BIOS settings. 

2. Use processor temperature program, for example, CPUID hardware monitor CPU to check it. 

3. You can also open the computer case and feel the temperature of your computer.

How to fix the computer restart frequently due to processor overheating by taking the following steps to repair processor overheating: 

1. Clean regularly and periodically your computer case, as well as your computer's processor cooler, using a clean and soft paintbrush. Do this in an empty room so that dust and dirt can be left and lifted freely. 

2. Replace the thermal paste or paste if it has dried up with a new one. This paste serves to glue processors with coolers or CPU fans.

How to solve The computer restart frequently due to power supply shortages or inrush current. 

If the incoming current lacks power or power supply through the power supply, the computer will certainly not work optimally and well. For that, you can check manually on the power supply whether the fan on the power supply is running normally, and make sure it is protected from dust on the power supply. You can also clean the dust and dirt power supply so that the computer power supply works properly.

How to fix the computer restart frequently due to bad sectors on the hard drive (hard disk)? 

The computer often restart frequently. This can also be due to the hard disk being damaged, or the chip not spinning properly. The effect of this bad sector hard disk is that the computer often experiences a blue screen of death, which is blue on the computer screen and results in the computer restart frequently by itself. The fix can be done by activating the Scandisk or check the disk program on your computer. I periodically defrag the hard drive and turn off the computer by shud down.

The cause of the computer restart frequently can be due to faulty RAM or damaged memory. 

This can happen due to dirty ram on the computer, a lot of dust that covers the computer RAM, so that the brass plate in the computer memory can not be read by the motherboard to its full potential. This causes the computer to restart frequently. How to fix it You can clean the ram regularly, so that the computer memory can be read by the motherboard to the maximum. It's a short article on how to deal with a computer that often restart frequently. Hopefully, this article can help solve your problem. The admin is very proud of this article can be useful for those of you who have difficulty maintaining a computer and dealing with computer restart frequently. 

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