13 Latest Advanced Features of Adobe Photoshop Update in 2021

The best photo editing and manipulation application in the world has just released its latest version, namely Adobe Photoshop 2021. In this 2021 version, Adobe presents various advanced features that are quite interesting.


Want to know what the new features of Photoshop 2021 are? Here is the information:

1. Neural Filters

Neural Filters are new filters in Photoshop that use artificial intelligence algorithms from Adobe Sensei. With Neural Filters, we can change the facial expression of someone in a photo.  Starting from facial expressions, direction of gaze, poses, even "age", everything can be manipulated easily and instantly by simply sliding the slider button.

With the presence of this controversial feature, it is easier for anyone to manipulate the face to make it look younger, or even vice versa.

This feature can be accessed through the "Filters > Neural Filters" menu.

2. Sky Replacement

This feature makes it possible to quickly and easily change the sky background in our photos.

Photoshop can intelligently adjust the colors automatically to match the sky background we just added. We can also adjust the layout to make it look more fitting and precise.

This feature will be very useful for landscape and landscape photos. But it also does not rule out the possibility of being used in other types of photos. The combination of sky and clouds can indeed add a beautiful impression to a photo.

This feature can be accessed through the Edit > Sky Replacement menu.

3. Learn Photoshop Through Tutorials Directly from the Application

Discover is a new panel in Photoshop that makes it easy to learn new features and tutorials right inside the app. We can find out by typing in certain keywords that we want to learn.

Photoshop will display recommendations and tips automatically to guide us through the step by step provided. We can follow the steps easily by following the interactive video shows in the application.

Not just by watching tutorials. Amazingly, worksheets and photo objects have been provided as material for us to practice and learn directly. We can do the learning independently by following the tool tips that appear on the screen.

You can access the Discover panel in Photoshop 2021 in the following ways:

 -Via shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + F

 -Through the search icon at the top right

 -Through the Help menu > Photoshop Help

4. Enhanced Cloud Features

Accessing documents from cloud storage is even easier through a new panel called Version History. We can access the documents that we previously saved in the cloud from this panel.

There are preview, mark, and revert functions to return to the previous version as needed. Now, cloud documents can also be used offline. Recently opened cloud documents will be available offline. This feature is useful when we want to edit but do not have an internet connection.

5. Pattern Preview

For those who like to design patterns for backgrounds or clothing, they will be quite happy with the presence of this new feature. Now we can see the preview live to visualize the pattern in the design we created.

So we can get an easier picture, without having to change it one by one.

This feature can be accessed via the View menu > Pattern Preview.

6. Live Shapes

Creating shapes is now easier. We can adjust the angle and shape directly on the canvas.  For example, for a triangle shape, we can change the sharp corner to be more rounded (radius). Not only for triangular shapes, but also for lines, polygons, rectangles, and others.

7. Reset Smart Objects

We can reset the smart object to its original state (reset). For example, when we rotate, transform, and warp, then we can restore and return its position to its original condition.

8. Installing New Plugins Just Got Easier.

We can look for third-party plugins to enhance Photoshop's functionality and install them from Creative Cloud services more easily.

9. Preset Search

The search function can now also search for Brushes, Swatches, Gradients, Styles, Patterns, and Shapes. After searching for presets, we may find a preset folder that is not yet open.

Now, to open it, just click CMD (for Mac OS) and Ctrl (for Windows), while clicking the folder to open everything (expand all).

10. Content-Aware Tracing Tool

This feature is released is still in the experimental and experimental stage. Its function is to draw a path on an object by highlighting and clicking on its corner.

To activate it, go to the Preferences menu > Technology Preview. Then restart Photoshop.

Once activated, this feature can be found in the Pen tool group in the toolbar menu.

11. Improved Select & Mask

Selecting a section of hair has become even easier with the enhancement of the Refine Hair feature. As we know, selecting hair in Photoshop is indeed quite difficult. We need extra patience to select a few strands of hair to get rid of the unwanted background parts. We can also save presets and open the settings that we have made.

In addition, there are now two edge refinement methods, namely Color Aware and Object Aware.

12. Improved Content-Aware Fill

To access content-aware fill can now be faster. Just right click on the canvas to start deleting objects.

13. New March 2021: Adobe Super Resolution

Adobe introduced a new feature in March 2021 with the name Super Resolution. This feature allows increasing the resolution of the photo and correcting the blurry photo to make it look sharper. This feature is available and can be accessed through the Adobe Camera Raw menu.  Just right click, and select Enhance to see the preview.

14. Miscellaneous

Apart from the new features mentioned above, of course, there are also some bug fixes and also some other improvements. One of them is the addition of support for several camera models and lens types.

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