How to Determine Quality Keywords for Writing Articles in Blog and Website

On this occasion, Mimin will share one way to determine quality keywords to be used as material for making articles later. But before that, let's first look at a brief explanation of keywords.

What are the keywords?

A Keyword is a word or series of words used by someone to search for information on the internet through search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Keywords are divided into two categories, namely short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords.

Short Tail Keyword (STK) is a keyword that only consists of one word, such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Wikipedia, and others. This STK will later be connected to a blog or website along with the article, through their respective URLs.

Long Tail Keywords (LTK) are keywords that consist of several words and can be formed into a sentence, such as how to get rich, how to blog, what are keywords? cooking tutorials to be a good mother, the internet, and so on. This LTK is more directed at an article on a blog or website. In addition, LTK plays an important role in SEO because of its wider use compared to STK.


If you want to learn more about keywords, you can search for them directly on Google. Next, let's look at one way to determine quality keywords to be used as material for writing articles.

1. Open the Ubersuggest site or you can simply "Click Here".

2. Enter keywords either STK or LTK as you wish, such as AdSense or what is AdSense. Don't forget to change the country's location according to the location of the destination country and the language used by your blog or website. Next, click Search.

3. After that, scroll down and various keywords will appear related to the keywords you typed earlier. Here, you can see how many people found that keyword, how high the CPC (Cost Per Click) was for that keyword, and how difficult it was for you to find that keyword with other users.

4. To determine quality keywords, you can see how many publishers there are. The higher the number of publishers, the better the quality of the keyword. However, the competition will be more difficult for these keywords. Therefore, look for keywords that have a large number of publishers but little competition, to make it easier for you to be first in the search.

In addition, you can use keywords that have a small number of publishers and competitors to make it easier to enter the first page of searches. Even with keywords that have a small number of publishers, but manage to enter the first page of search results, this will increase your Alexa Global Rank, which makes your blog or website more popular.

5. After determining which keywords you will use, enter these keywords in the title of the article and also in the content of the article later.


For example, We will choose the keyword "AdSense on Blog" on the second page of the keyword data that we have entered previously, namely AdSense. Then we created a new article with the title "How to Register for AdSense on a Hosted Account Only Blog". After that, we changed the content of the article by including the keyword in the first 100 words to make it more SEO.

That's it for the article How to Determine Quality Keywords for Writing Articles This Time. Hopefully, it will be useful. Thank you all for visiting my blog and wait for the next update. 😊

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