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 Naturalism Painting Art

Naturalism is a form of painting (fine art) in which the artist tries to describe everything in accordance with nature or the real world, meaning that it is adapted to catch our eyes.

In order for the paintings that are made to be very similar or exactly like the real thing, the arrangement, comparison, perspective, texture, coloring, and dark light are done as accurately as possible and precisely.

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In this flow, I'm trying to display realistic objects with an emphasis on natural settings. This is a further deepening of the realism movement in the 19th century as a reaction to the establishment of romanticism.

One of the artists of naturalism in America was William Bliss Baker, whose landscape paintings are considered the best realist paintings of this movement.

An important part of the naturalist movement is Darwinism's view of life and the damage humans have caused to nature.


The following are the figures of Naturalism in Painting Art:

  1. William Bliss Baker
  2. Hokusai
  3. Fresco Mural
  4. William Hogart
  5. Frans Hail

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