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 Neo-Classical Painting Art

The outbreak of the French revolution in 1789 marked the endpoint of feudalism in France, whose influence was also felt in other parts of the world.

This revolution is not only a change in the political and social order, but also concerns the life of the arts. Artists are free to follow their respective vocations, meaning they work not because of order but simply because they want to paint.

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So thus begins the history of modern painting in history, which is characterized by individualization and self-isolation. Jacques Louis David was the first painter of the modern scene. In 1784, David described the "HORATII Oath". This painting depicts Horatius, the father, standing in the middle of the room, swearing at his three sons, clustered on the left, while his daughter is weeping on the right.

This painting is not used for enjoyment, but to educate and instill awareness of community members' responsibilities towards the state. J.L. David is a pioneer of the Neo-Classical flow, where Neo-Classical painting is rational, objective, full of discipline and order, and classical.

Characteristic features of Neo-Classical Painting Art are as follows:

  • Painting is bound to academic intellectual norms.

  • Forms are always balanced and harmonious.

  • Color boundaries are clean and static.

  • The face is calm and impressive.

  • It contains the story of the palace environment.

  • It tends to be exaggerated.

The figure of Neo-Classical Painting Art


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