Religious Affairs Ministry, Germany Institute Cooperate to Improve Arabic Language Quality


Religious Affairs Ministry’s Directorate General of Islamic Education and Al-Arabiyya Institute of Leipzig German established a cooperation for Arabic language quality improvement for the students of Islamic Religious Higher Education (PTKI).

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by Director of Islamic Religious Higher Education M. Arskal Salim GP and Director of the Al-Arabiyya Institute Eckehard Schulz at the Religious Affairs Ministry’s office, Jakarta, Monday (8/5). Director General of Islamic Education Kamaruddin Amin was also present to witness the signing.

"Arabic language skills of PTKI students and lecturers really needs to be improved. As a country with the highest number of Islamic institutions in the world, language centers’ leaders and managers on campus need to pay close attention the strengthening of Arabic language skill. Students must master Arabic language skills both oral and written," Kamaruddin said.

Arskal Salim added, due to the fact that PTKI students came from various backgrounds such as madrasa, high school and vocational school, some of the students have not mastered Arabic and this is a challenge for PTKI.

"I hope this cooperation will bring benefits since we know Leipzig-Germany has an excellent Arabic teaching method," he explained.

Head of Sub Directorate of Institutional and Cooperation M. Adib Abdushomad explained, Al-Arabiyya Arabic teaching method will be learnt by both PTKI students and lecturers. "Hopefully, PTKI students and lecturers will be able to become reliable Arabic translators," he explained.

Later on, continued Adib, the Directorate General of Islamic Education and the Al-Arabiyya Institute will conduct joint Arabic training for PTKI students and lecturers. The exam will be done via online.

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