New Update 2022 - Knight-Hennessy scholars Stanford University

 Meet the 2022 Cohort


The scholars in the 2022 cohort come from 27 countries, including the first scholars from Belgium, Jamaica, Japan, Libya, North Macedonia, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Vietnam. They have earned degrees from 42 institutions, including 13 outside of the United States. At Stanford, they will pursue graduate degrees in 35 degree programs in all seven schools.

Why should you consider applying to join KHS?

A Multidisciplinary Cohort

Nearly 3,000 graduate students enroll at Stanford annually. Next year, more than 80 (growing to 100 over time) will be Knight-Hennessy scholars. Knight-Hennessy scholars span all seven schools at the university and bring a wide array of diverse academic experiences prior to enrolling at Stanford.  Knight-Hennessy scholars are surrounded by fellow Stanford graduate students solving complex problems from different disciplinary approaches.

A Multicultural Cohort 

Knight-Hennessy scholars have lived, studied, and worked in a wide array of communities and cities, colleges and universities, companies and organizations throughout the world. Knight-Hennessy scholars also bring varied cultural perspectives based on (but not limited to) sex and gender identity, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, veteran status, and more.  Each cohort includes a breadth of backgrounds, beliefs, lived experiences, and aspirations. This is a multicultural community united by independence of thought, purposeful leadership, and civic mindset.

Dates and Deadlines

When are the important dates and deadlines for your separate, concurrent Knight-Hennessy Scholars and Stanford applications?


Each incoming Knight-Hennessy scholar must also apply to, be accepted by, and enroll in a full-time Stanford graduate degree program.

If you have already been offered and deferred admission to enroll in a full-time Stanford graduate program in 2023, or you are a Stanford PhD student who started your PhD in 2022 and will begin your second year in 2023, then you must submit one application to Knight-Hennessy Scholars.

Otherwise, you must submit two separate but concurrent applications; one to Knight-Hennessy Scholars, and one to your Stanford graduate degree program. This applies both to candidates seeking admission to their first Stanford graduate degree program, as well as to current Stanford graduate students adding a second graduate degree.

Knight-Hennessy Scholars

You will submit an application to Knight-Hennessy Scholars. The Knight-Hennessy Scholars application opens in July and is due in October. The KHS application deadline in October is the same for all applicants, regardless of the Stanford degree program to which you will apply.

KHS Application Deadline: October 12, 2022, 1:00 pm Pacific Time

Last updated July 17, 2022

Stanford degree program

You will submit a completely separate application to your Stanford graduate degree program. Unlike the KHS application, which has a uniform deadline for everyone, the Stanford application deadlines vary by program. It is important to check with your desired program to confirm its deadline for KHS applicants, which may be earlier than its regular application deadline.

Stanford Degree Program Application Deadline: The Stanford degree program's application deadline or December 6, 2022, 1:00pm Pacific Time, whichever is earlier.  Visit the Stanford Graduate Admissions website to confirm the deadline for your program.

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