(New 11 reviewed) iphone 13 Pro Max gsmarena Desember 2021

Just like other Apple products, the iPhone 13 Pro Max will amaze users the first time you use it.  However, the shape that looks like the iPhone 12 might make this new generation look ordinary.

The iPhone 13 screen is brighter than its predecessor.  Longer battery life.  Apple has upgraded an already great camera with new sensors and computational photography features that make you feel like a pro. Even though it's the latest release, the regular iPhone 13 has a few flaws.  Charging is still relatively slow compared to some Android phones. The following is a review of the iPhone 13 reported from tomsguide.com, Monday (22/11/2021).

1. Design and Color 

There are two new designs that you will notice when you use the iPhone 13. First, the camera on the back is now arranged diagonally, not vertically.

Second, the notch is now 20% smaller than it was before.The small notch makes users more satisfied when watching videos in landscape mode in full screen.

In addition to the two new designs.  The button placement is slightly different on the iPhone 13. The power button is lower on the right side, and the same goes for the ringer switch and volume buttons on the left.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 offers a Ceramic Shield front, a durable glass on the back.  Your new iPhone will get the same IP68 water resistance as before.  Unfortunately, the iPhone 13 doesn't have Touch ID yet.  The iPhone 13 comes in five colors, including Pink, Blue, Midnight, Starlight and (Product) Red.

2. Screen Display 

The iPhone 13 features a brighter OLED display that makes it more visible in sunlight and is more power efficient.  This Super Retina XDR display is now 28 percent brighter than the iPhone 12. The team from tomsguide.com tested the display brightness in direct sunlight.

"While watching the trailer for The Matrix Resurrections, I was blown away by the neon codes that circled Neo as he walked down the street.  In another scene I can see the fine hair on Neo's beard as he stares at the sun," wrote tomsguide.com, Monday (11/22/2021).

The color accuracy of the iPhone 13's panel is also excellent, as it reaches a Delta-E score of 0.26 (lower is better).  Better than 0.29 for the Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12.

3. Camera

There's a lot more to the iPhone 13's camera than just the new diagonal lens array.  Because of the larger camera with 1.7m pixels, the wide camera now collects 47 percent more light than the iPhone 12.

Another plus is that the ultrawide camera can now capture four times more scenes and the newer sensor provides better low-light performance along with less noise.

If you're not a fan of the usual iPhone color temperature — or you just want more control over your photos — you'll appreciate the Photography Styles feature.  In the Camera app, you can switch between different styles, including standard, bright, rich contrast, warm, and cool.

In many shooting situations, the iPhone 13 is on par with the iPhone 12, but there is no noticeable improvement in night mode.

4. Videos

The iPhone 13 is a smartphone that can make you feel like a director when you shoot videos.  That's thanks to a new feature called Cinematic mode.

This effect brings depth of field to your footage and automatically changes focus to various subjects depending on what's happening in the frame, such as someone turning their head to talk to someone else.

Cinematic mode isn't perfect, as the iPhone 13 sometimes takes a second to recognize a faster moving subject.  The bigger downside is that this mode is limited to 1080p, as you can't record Cinematic mode in 4K.

5. Performance and Bionics A15.

The A15 Bionic doesn't offer the dramatic performance gains from the A14 Bionic used in the iPhone 12. Like the A14 Bionic, the A15 offers a 6-core CPU and 4-core GPU, but there's now a 16-core Neural Engine for machine learning and AI, up from  8 cores on the previous chipset.  In games like Genshin Impact the animations and console particle effects feel quality while climbing mountains, exploring landscapes and trying to fight off enemies. 

"I'm also impressed with the Seek app, which instantly identifies plants when I hover the camera around my backyard," wrote tomsguide.com.

The graphics performance of the iPhone 13 is also impressive.  On the 3DMark Wild Life benchmark, the new iPhone hit 55.9 frames per second.  That's only slightly higher than the iPhone 12 (51 fps). 

Toms Guide didn't see much improvement on the video editing test using Adobe Premiere Rush.  The iPhone 13 took 25.9 seconds to transcode 4K video up to 1080p compared to 26.5 seconds for the iPhone 12.

6. Battery Life and Charging. 

Apple claims that the iPhone 13 can last up to 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone 12 thanks to a larger battery and more efficient display performance and the A15 Bionic chip.  In the Tom's Guide battery test, which involved continuous web browsing over 5G at 150 nits of screen brightness over cellular (in this case the AT&T network), the iPhone 13 lasted 10 hours and 33 minutes.  That's more than 2 hours longer than the time the iPhone 12 turned on. 

Unfortunately, the iPhone 13 offers the same battery charging speeds as before.  The new iPhones can reach 51 percent battery capacity in 30 minutes with a 20W charger from Apple.  The iPhone's 15W MagSafe charger is a bit slower.

7. iOS 15.  

iOS 15 brings several improvements to your iPhone, many of which focus on shared experiences.  FaceTime has improved audio and a cleaner interface, and a future update that lets you listen to music or watch movies or TV shows with friends or family.  The Messages app provides a Shared with You section for photos, articles and more to make it easier to keep track of all the different links your friends have written your way.  I personally appreciate the new Focus feature in iOS 15, which lets you filter notifications based on what you're doing.  And notifications themselves have been improved, complete with a new summary view so you're not overwhelmed by constant alerts.

8. Other iOS 15 Highlight Issues Include Redesigned Safari.

More fully featured Weather app and an enhanced Maps app with a more detailed and improved street view.  Live Text uses Google Lens by recognizing text in real time through the camera when you want to search for things or get translations.

 So far iPhone 13 owners have been experiencing some issues.  For example: 

9. Locking Issues.  

Some iPhone 13 users are finding that the phone won't unlock with the Apple Watch, although a fix appears to be in the works.

 10. Responsiveness. 

Some iPhone 13 owners have complained about the touchscreen not being responsive enough in some cases, which was a problem with iOS 15. On the iPhone 13 Pro, there have been complaints that the camera automatically switches between lenses without warning, and Apple is about to roll out an update that will allow users to  to turn this off.

 11. ProMotion Display.

The ProMotion display on the iPhone 13 Pro doesn't run at 120Hz on some apps, which Apple will address in an update.  As well as developers need to optimize their applications as well.


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