Yatim Mandiri Holds 28 Years of Achievement Exhibition for Orphans & Dhuafa



Still in the moment of the blessed month of Shawwal, Yatim Mandiri held a Mini Exhibition with the theme of Impactful Zakat. This Mini Exhibition was held at Sellie Coffee Malioboro, Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta was chosen as the location for the exhibition because it also coincided with Yatim Mandiri's national halal bi halal moment.

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This exhibition aims to establish friendships with various parties. Such as the wider community, stakeholders, and donors. This shows how Yatim Mandiri's track record for 28 years has been active in helping orphans and dhuafa.

The exhibition opens on May 17, 2022, at 13.00 WIB. The opening series of the exhibition was also filled with dialogue sessions by Fatchuri Rosidin, Director of IMZ (Inspirasi Melintas Zaman) and Hendi Nurokhmansyah, Director of the Yatim Mandiri Program. The theme raised is the same as the Mini Exhibition theme, Impactful Zakat. This dialogue explores how zakat can empower the people. 

This Mini Exhibition showcases the track record of Yatim Mandiri's achievements from 1994 until 2022. In addition, several graduates from educational institutions and program units who excel are also shown. Like the Mandiri Entrepreneur Center graduates who have been successful in the business and industrial world. As well as the students of Independent Intellectuals who have become hafidz of the Koran. And those who have studied at top universities around the world. Not to forget the various humanitarian programs, distribution, and utilization that have been carried out by Yatim Mandiri so far.

On the second day, on May 18, 2022, Yatim Mandiri also released a book with the title "Traces of Independence". This book is a summary of the story of the independence process of the Mandiri Entrepreneur Center (MEC) alumni. A total of 17 success stories of MEC alumni are told in detail and neatly. So that it can increase the enthusiasm of the readers. Starting from how the lives of orphans after their father died, how they got to know MEC, and how their lives were after graduation from MEC.

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Mr. Mutrofin, Director of Yatim Mandiri and Mr. Hendi Nurokhmansyah, Director of the Yatim Mandiri Program attended the launching of this book. Mutrofin explained that this exhibition was a means of establishing Yatim Mandiri's friendship with various parties. "In addition, Yatim Mandiri also wants to introduce more about the various achievements that we have achieved so far. So that outsiders trust us more. In this Mini Exhibition, there are only a few achievements that we can describe," he explained. (Indrawan Vpp)


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